How Do I Start?

If you’re ready to get started you can do one of the following:

1. Call or email us to schedule a first session for $15. One of our coaches will contact you and set up a time to show you around the facility, introduce you to CrossFit and put you through a workout. If you sign up for one of our monthly programs after your first workout, $15 will be credited to your first payment.

2. Call or email us to sign up for one of our programs. One of our coaches will contact you to schedule a time to get you started.

Do I need experience or some minimum level of fitness? No! Just get started. Our workouts and exercises scale to any level – from broomsticks to barbells, we’ll tailor the workout to your ability.
I am a woman, is this type of training right for me? Currently, our gym has more women members than men! Despite our ‘hardcore’ appearance, our members include pregnant women, new moms, working moms, and more. Our coaches specialize in being able to adapt the workouts to any fitness level so that the workouts will be challenging but do-able.
How many times per week do I need to do CrossFit to get results? We recommend that most of our members attend a minimum of 3 classes per week to start. Results are highly individualized and depend on motivation, experience, current physical condition and many other factors.
Can I get results on just three, one-hour classes per week? CrossFit workouts are designed to be very intense workouts that can put a lot of stress on your body, burning much more fat than ‘cardio’ training. Adding additional workouts on top of CrossFit can actually make progress slow down or halt completely. If you are currently participating in a sport or an activity (running, cycling, etc) and you would like to use CrossFit to enhance your training, our Coaches can help you tailor your training accordingly.
Do you offer discounts for families, students, active military, police, and firefighters? Yes, please call for details.
Do you have showers? Yes! We have three showers. Bring your own towel, please.
Do you have childcare services? We have a waiting room adjacent to the main workout area with video entertainment that children may use. This area is not supervised by CrossFit Perimeter staff.
What is your Policy for traveling CrossFitters? We happily accept drop in CrossFitters. Learn more on our Drop In page.
Contact us to Get Started!

Ready to get started?

Call us at (404) 531-6872 or email us to schedule your first visit.