I love CrossFit Perimeter! I actually pass several other boxes on my way to CFP every day, but there is no way I would ever go anywhere else! The coaches are the greatest- everyone always pushes me to do my best and continue to progress in my training in a safe and positive environment. All of the coaches are extremely knowledgeable and willing to help members of all fitness levels meet their personal goals. Since starting CrossFit at CFP in 2013, I have become a stronger, faster, better version of me! I had been running short and long distance road races for a few years before starting CrossFit, and was initially concerned that it would take time away from running. While I mostly focus on CrossFit training and competitions now, I am a faster runner, have more endurance, and less pain when I run! CrossFit has also completely changed my relationship with food and how I view my body. Now I value being strong, fast, and conditioned, instead of what the scale says or what size pants I can fit in to. I would recommend CrossFit Perimeter to anyone who is interested in getting (and staying) in great shape, while having a lot of fun with friends on the way!
Kelly Davis
Beth Harmon is a truly excellent trainer! She is the perfect combination of “you are killing me” and “you are doing so well.” A treasure of health and fitness knowledge, and running expert , she retrained my body and attitude. Her friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere while making each workout challenging and fun. Beth motivates me to push past my “perceived” limits to get results. Thank you Beth!
Kathy Gibson
Beth Harmon does an incredible job as a trainer. She keeps things challenging but also fun. From day one she listened to me & got me off on the right track so that I felt successful w/ my initial work-outs even though I couldn’t do a single sit-up at the time. With her training & encouragement; I’m now strong enough to do over 100 sit-ups & much more. Her Crossfit classes have had a great impact on my overall health & well-being. I would highly recommend Beth as a trainer. Thank-you!
Liz Ralston
Beth is a wonderful trainer that knows how to encourage me to do my best and even push me further than I ever imagined.  Whether I’m doing a Navy Seal workout or a 5k run, she is always there to motivate me and keep me moving, even when I want to give up.  I know I would never be where I am today without her!
Laura Lorance
Positive environment with a knowledgeable staff that encourage and support you to become your very best through each and every workout.
Scott Brown
Drop-in from Savannah, Ga! Thanks for the WOD! Will definitely come back when I’m up for work again!
Jacy Vergara
Just Great!!
Fabian Lugo Perez
Great box!
Travis Thorne