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Why I’m Here:  I show up to CFP every day because I live for the thrill of not only pushing myself to my limits, but to help encourage others to push themselves far beyond what they thought their minds and bodies were capable of.  I have watched exercise and sport change peoples lives for the better, and I want to help lead others to find that change.


What You Can Expect from Me:   You can always expect me to push you to go the extra mile (literally). Whether it is getting your first pull-up, setting a PR on your back squat, or just giving you a little extra motivation to get through the WOD, I will be the one pushing you to get there. 


Background:  I am a former Division I pole vaulter, where I competed for Penn State University from 2014-2018 and competed in the NCAA Championships my junior year. I studied Public Relations and minored in Psychology and Entrepreneurship. Prior to pole vaulting, I was a competitive gymnast as well as a competitive allstar cheerleader. I am originally from Altoona, Pennsylvania and now live in Roswell, Georgia with my husband, Christian, and pup, Moose. We love going on hikes and hanging at the lake.  I joined CrossFit about six months after I was done competing at Penn State. Before that, I swore I would never join a gym after my collegiate career ended and that I would be fine working out on my own. I quickly learned that my competitive nature needed something more, and I also missed olympic lifting. I walked into CFP for the first time thinking that I would maybe go 2-3 times a week at most... and since that day I am not sure there has been a day that I haven't been in the gym (not actually, but you get the point). I always tell my friends and family at home that I finally found my people in Georgia, and those are the people I met at CrossFit. 


Favorite CrossFit Movement:  PRing in my snatch by 40# in my first year doing CF.


Favorite CrossFit WOD:  Isabel or Cindy 

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