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Why I’m Here:  I found CrossFit over 10 years ago and fell in love with it. I believe CrossFit is the most effective and fun form of exercise and that anyone is able to do it.  


What you can expect from me:  I love pushing members to their limits.  You can expect a lot of motivation and encouragement.  And some fun music.  


Background: I’m from the great state of Mississippi and played sports my entire life.  I have an MBA from Millsaps College (Go Majors!), where I played soccer as an undergrad.  I’ve been in Atlanta since 2005 and married to my husband, David, for 15 years.  We have two daughters, Ella and Finley, and three dogs - Stanley, Wilma, and Sophie.  I’ve been with CFP since 2007 and currently have a CF-L1 and CF-L2 certification.  


Favorite CrossFit movement:  Anything that isn’t a hand stand push up.  


Favorite CrossFit WOD:  DT, Annie, Grace

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