Saturday, April 4, 2020

No Equipment WOD

Metcon (No Measure) EMOM x 8mins Odd: 21 odd object thrusters Even: 21 Bent over chair/couch rows 2mins rest At 10:00 500 in and out jumps, in place

Partial Equipment For time 21-15-12-9-6 DB Thrusters 2 x 50/35lbs 15/12 cal Row/Bike or 1,000m road bike right into 2km Run

Equipment Version

Metcon (Time) For time 21-15-12-9-6 Thrusters 135/95lbs 15/12 Cal Row right into 1 mile Run


Metcon (No Measure) Core, power 10 sets 4/4 Split stance rotations Rest 30 seconds between sets

Athlete: In your split stance, slowly rotate form one side to the other. If you have any form of load that is under 20 lbs you can hold it out in front of you with straight arms

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