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Why I'm Here:  CrossFit has been an important part of my life since 2012.  Fitness has developed into a passion, and I love to share it with everyone.



What you can expect from me:    I am an advocate for all CrossFit athletes at any age or any level.  I will be by your side to provide safe movements, technical instruction, and above all, encouragement.  



Background:  Throughout my life I have been involved with sports and exercise, but it was in my late 20’s when I circled back to spending more time in the gym and running.  I have participated in over 50 races, and I began CrossFit over 8 years ago in Athens, GA.  Georgia Strength, a CrossFit gym, opened in Athens, and after dropping in on a single class, I was hooked.   I have learned and continue to learn from experienced and dedicated coaches.  They have taught me the importance of every movement. After years of being a member of the CrossFit community, I became a Level 1-Trainer in 2019.    


Favorite CrossFit Movement:   My favorite movements include Overhead Squats, Hang Power Cleans and Handstand Pushups.



Favorite CrossFit WOD:   Diane & Annie are my favorite WODs.

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