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AGES 9-12

60 minutes​

This program teaches kids functional movements and the importance of using proper form with all exercises. We develop safe and efficient movement patterns to be used in a challenging workout that will build both strength and endurance.

AGES 13-17

60 minutes​

This class is perfect for any teenager looking to start living a healthy lifestyle, or an athlete training for a sport. A variety of core, cardio and strength exercises are used to create a high intensity interval training program (HIIT). Combining HIIT & limited strength training exercises, athletes are able to build and maintain total body strength while also increasing cardiovascular endurance.


From the time we start until we leave, campers are involved in some type of activity. We play backyard barbecue games like corn hole, ladder golf, and Can Jam, and then we introduce our youth fitness workouts. Our day wouldn't be complete until we made our walk to the Abernathy Greenway Park for a variety of outdoor games like kickball, dodgeball, flag football, and more.

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