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Why I’m Here:  Simply put, I want to see people grow. It is truly a joy to see people of all fitness levels, abilities, and strengths discover how much more they can achieve in themselves. I want to help create a community that promotes growth in fitness, in self, and in life.


What You Can Expect from Me:  I come with energy regardless of time of day. As I am always looking to improve my knowledge of fitness, I will consistently share the things I have learned as a coach and athlete. Constant engagement and follow up is important to me as accountability is key to an athletes success. I will be a strong encourager to never quit and find what works best for you to meet your goals.


- Started Crossfit in 2013

- CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

- The Brand X Method Professional Youth Coach Certification

- Father of 3

- Most exciting crossfit experience as an athlete has been competing at Wodapalooza 2020

- I've managed several youth & teen competitions. I have coached several talented youth & teen athletes. I enjoy bringing fitness to underserved communities through The Lift Love Project, providing fitness opportunities to youth regardless of circumstances, incomes, or demographics.


Favorite CrossFit Movement:  My favorite CF movement would be any gymnastic movement, i.e. RMU, BMU, HSPU, Burpees, Box Jumps and more! I will say, however, it is great mastering something that challenges me, and the Squat snatch was that challenge and now I enjoy snatch work.

Favorite CrossFit WOD:  Nothing like a good ol' fashion Murph, slick, that gets me going

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